LG Electronics was launched in 1958 since then has become the leader of the digital era with its technical expertise gained through many home appliances such as radios and televisions.

In 2017 DEMO & LG announced their partnership after that DEMO become a Distribution of LG, this kind of partnership allow Demo to deliver an undisputed price and services for our clients to meet their needs

LG Electronics has unveiled several new products and introduced new technologies in the form of mobile phones and digital TVs in the 21st century and continues to support its position as a global company.

LG’s philosophy is to focus on people, loyalty and authenticity. By understanding our customers and their needs, we deliver the best solutions and new experiences to them through continuous innovation that helps them reach a better lifestyle.

In addition, we are looking at LG to reach out to new customers, considering their love for discovery, new activities and their quest for a better life. We have developed our brand gradually and continuously, always working to deliver our “Life’s Good” logo. Between the originality of our products and their contemporary developments, we are constantly developing our philosophies in line with modern technology.