At the first we need to know, what does Data Center Security mean?
Data center security is the most important thing to secure or information because it contains all legal information about our organization that we need to secure it from illegal hands. So, we need to make a data center more secure from a range of different kinds of threats and attacks. The data center, as a major primary resource for all organization, so it deserves this kind of dedicated security effort. Data centers are integral stores for business data.
Typically, these central IT infrastructures are served by large, complicated networking equipment and resources. They will take in business data from different places and store it for eventual use. Complex and difficult designs may use IT tools called middle-ware to usher data to and from a data center or otherwise guide it within the system. Data center security aims to prevent any harmful hands from penetrating our information or make the way to hackers or anyone else who may seek unauthorized access is very difficult and impossible.
Every year, businesses are incurring significant losses – they are losing money, every year, businesses are suffering from significant losses – they are losing money, customers, business and their reputation – due to cyber-attacks. for the next few years, cyber-crime is predicted to cost businesses $2 trillion or more in all the world. So, it’s not expected surprisingly that, from boardrooms to server rooms, almost all IT related information revolves around Security. So, nowadays data and IT infrastructure security have always been a huge concern for all businesses.
Now the IT systems moving to cloud platforms it has taken the first center stage on all IT agendas. Security solutions are always a part of data center design and architecture. So, data center owners have worked hard to ensure the highest level of security has applied in their data centers and have accurately followed industry best practices for security and met all latest compliance norms. But data centers are complex ecological systems and protecting it requires that security requirements of every component must be chosen carefully and separately, but at the same time, it follows a central and totally security policy. The following Lists are some important components and their security requirements.
Physical Security of DC
Physical security of the data center building and its components is very important for keeping the data safe. The data center building must be designed to face all types of physical challenges from terrorist attacks and industrial accidents to natural disasters. Enhancing physical security includes a variety of measures such as data center design with thicker walls and fewer windows ” it is preferring with no windows” and doors ” it is preferred to be metallic”, enhancing CCTV monitoring inside and outside the data center, fire alarm, suitable firefighting for the inside equipment and investing in the specialized security team.
Restricting Access
Data center security team must keep a close watch on the people who enter the data center in any time such as cleaning crew and internal IT staff or any person has permission to enter the data center room. we must make the access to critical areas must be restricted and all movement must be tracked to ensure that unauthorized people are kept out of sensitive server places.
Securing your Data
All data center security is finally aimed to keep the hosted data safe and private for their owners. This includes comprehensive measures such as complete data backup and recovery, using data encryption while transferring files between devices and end users, enforcing the latest version data privacy regulations and comprehensive monitoring of traffic. Also, it is preferable to make a disaster recovery room in another place for the data center with the same requirements for security.
Network Security
The first layer of network security is securing the perimeter by installing firewalls to clean up and tracking all traffic between devices. This can be followed up by using the Zero trust model and inspecting for monitoring the internal traffic within the network, to detect, prevent and mitigate any threat that might have bypassed the perimeter firewall.
Server Security
With virtualization and hyper-converged solutions, server security has become more complex and challenging. It is important to follow industry standards to ensure complete server security with 24×7 monitoring, intrusion, detection and intrusion prevention. security solutions need to protect all virtual, physical server environments and infrastructure as long all web-based applications. All businesses face a very real risk.
Nowadays, cyber attackers are targeting anyone and everyone, regardless of size or industry and its importance. And these attacks are becoming more aggressive and complicated. Being at the receiving end of these attacks, data center companies are aware of the extent of the problem and are devising equally aggressive and innovative ways to save their businesses. The continuing fight against cyber-attacks has resulted in the data center security services market worth over than $6 billion, a number that is set to grow exponentially in the coming decade.